Monday, December 21, 2015

Book of Mormon Central launch

On January 1, 2016, Book of Mormon Central ( is going to launch. I think this is a fantastic new approach to consolidating information about the Book of Mormon, with one caveat: they are going to push the disastrous Mesoamerican theory.

One would think they would at least adopt the Church's official position of neutrality about geography issues, but so far, the signs are not good.

- They're using the FARMS-era logo, with the Mayan glyph:

- They appear to be fully integrated with the Interpreter, which has devolved into publishing late-FARMS era rhetoric about Book of Mormon geography issues.

- They have links to the Orwellian FairMormon web page.

- They have links to the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum, which is stridently and exclusively Mesoamerican.

I'm hopeful they will at least present an open mind. We'll find out, and I'll comment here on what they come up with.